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MOTHER KNOWS BEST - Interview with a Contestant

MALCOLM FOX and BIANCA T sit opposite each other on cream-colored couches. Bianca’s red hair is pulled over her left shoulder in a loose braid. She wears a short black dress with puffy sleeves that gather around her wrists. Her long legs are crossed toward the audience with chunky blue heels. Malcolm Fox is wearing a black-on-black suit. His hair is slicked back. A small table sits between them with a box of tissues and a glass of water. The lights are bright enough to keep the studio audience completely in shadow.

MALCOLM: Bianca. Thank you for joining us tonight for our contestant reunion. It’s great to have you back here.

BIANCA: Thank you Malcolm, it’s good to be back here. We both know I enjoy the attention.

MALCOLM: I would never say that.

BIANCA: That’s fine, I’ll say it. I thrive on drama.

Someone in the audience boos and Bianca smiles and waves back.

MALCOLM: You certainly did make a name for yourself on the show. Have you watched any of the footage since everything started airing?

BIANCA: Of course I watched. I might have avoided a viewing party, *in a whisper* I didn’t want my mama to see me being the season’s bitch—

MALCOLM: Language Bianca,

BIANCA: but I had a few girlfriends come over and watched each episode together.

MALCOLM: Were you surprised at some of the things the network chose to air? Versus what they held back?

BIANCA: You want me to say that they edited me to look worse than I was. Nah, I was a piece of work.

MALCOLM: You seem okay with the fact that a recent poll of our audience shows you neck and neck for least liked on the show.

BIANCA: Neck and neck? I couldn’t even win that title? Damn. Who’s the other girl. Was it Rose? Tell me it was Rose.

MALCOLM: I’m surprised you didn’t ask if it was someone else, considering the way you seemed to target her during filming.

BIANCA: You mean AJ? Nah, She was nice enough.

MALCOLM: I think a lot of our viewers will find that surprising. Won’t you? *he turns to the audience with his hands up and the crowd calls back a yes*

BIANCA: Look, Malcolm, there are plenty of reasons why someone would go on a reality show. For most it’s to find love, but we’d have to be naïve to not realize the social and physical opportunities that many contestants are connected with post filming. Say what you want about me, but everyone knows my name.

MALCOLM: That is certainly true. What’s next for you?

BIANCA: I have a few things lined up, but I can’t share any information until Is are dotted and Ts crossed. I’m sure you can understand.

MALCOLM: So if I understand you correctly, you’re using this experience almost like work experience. Like a job.

BIANCA: Mr. Fox! Are you implying that I was hired to be on this show and act a total bitch? Just for some drama? Some ratings? Because that would be absolutely insane. *she winks at the camera* No. The reality is that it would have been nice to walk off into the sunset with Will. He’s attractive, he’s rich, he’s successful, but there was always a high chance it wouldn’t be me. I needed to take care of myself first.

MALCOLM: I wonder how many of our contestants come with that kind of mercenary approach?

BIANCA: Probably more than you think. You can find an attraction in a month, form a connection, but true love? That takes time. I think most of us know we’re competing for a chance, not a guarantee at love. Everyone knows that.

MALCOLM: There have been plenty of lasting relationships from reality dating shows.

BIANCA: Have there? Well, regardless, this was First Lady’s first run, a little too soon to tell how successful it will be, right?

MALCOLM: We might be getting a little off track here. Is there anything you would have done differently if you could do it all over again?

BIANCA: And we’re back to AJ.

MALCOLM: I wouldn’t say—

BIANCA: Yes, I was a vicious harpy. I went after her with particular fervor. Frankly the network kept some of my nastier things off the air. She seemed like she’d be an easy target, she wasn’t. In hindsight I’d consider someone else.

MALCOLM: An easy target?

BIANCA: Don’t play stupid Malcolm. I obviously assumed I could dig at her weight and rattle her. How was I supposed to know she had a will of steel. I few pointed looks, some heavily coded words and half the viewers would think I was awful, but half might agree with me. I uh—It was a strategy, okay? I don’t— well. Doesn’t matter much now. Does it?

MALCOLM: We were talking about what you’d do differently.

BIANCA: Right. Well, if I say yes, then it looks like I was a bitch for no reason. If I say no then I’m definitely just a bitch. So does it matter?

MALCOLM: It might matter to AJ, or other viewers.

BIANCA: Sometimes we do things we have to do.

MALCOLM: We always have a choice.

BIANCA: I saw them together, the first night. She was standing at the bar, talking to the bartender and I watched him walk up behind her. I saw the links snap into place. I saw the connection bloom in front of my very eyes. Day one and I thought I was looking at how it was all going to end. Day one and the whole show seemed over already. So yeah, If it wasn’t her maybe it would have been Tandy and I’d have spent my time making snide comments about pageants.

MALCOLM: So no regrets.

BIANCA: I did what I do best, what I came on the show to do. Start drama and be memorable.

MALCOLM: Thank you for your time Bianca, *turns to the camera* stay with us as we have a chat with another well-known contestant. After the break I’ll be sitting down with Chloe to talk about her time on the show. Don’t forget. First Lady’s first season finale airs next week at 8pm eastern standard time.

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