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Stella wrote her first story at age 4, with the help of a teacher, and she hasn't stopped writing since. Her favorite books have happily ever afters, diverse casts, and unique perspectives. She writes books with new takes on classic tropes that can be devoured in a single sitting. She refers to these types of books as 'brain candy' and happily feeds her sweet tooth. 

She proudly writes "He Falls First" stories with respectful characters who agree on the importance of enthusiastic consent and healthy boundaries. Her stories are meant to be sexy, fun, and addictive. These are not stories for readers under the age of 18. 

Reading and writing have always been a means of escape for Stella. A sort of therapy when things gets tough. Due to her own history with infertility and loss, Stella is committed to writing books without pregnancy, or babies (surprise or otherwise). 

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