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Stella Stevenson

Author of Spicy Contemporary Romance

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Releasing June 13, 2023

The Escalation Clause ebook is currently available for preorder on Amazon. It is a spicy, opposites attract, grumpy sunshine, summer romance about an author avoiding relationships and a lawyer looking for forever.


When Eden finds herself in legal trouble, Ted can't resist swooping in to help. Now she owes him a favor, and what better way to repay his good deed than by accompanying him to a friend's Cape Cod wedding. Their chemistry is white-hot, but they want entirely different things. Eden is a free spirit, determined to protect herself by staying single, Ted is looking for someone to stand by his side and fit in with his family's expectations. They're too different for this to be dangerous. Right?


This story is a standalone book that does revisit Will, AJ, Chloe, Tandy, and Alex from MKB. 

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